Easter Price List



Semi-Boneless Hams (Sugardale)                          15 #                        $1.89 per pound

Tavern Hams (Superior)                                      16 #                        $1.99 per pound

EZ Carve Hams (Superior)                                   9 #                         $2.69 per pound

Half Spiral Hams (Amish Valley)                          9 #                        $2.59 per pound

Old Fashion Extra Smoked Ham (Amish Valley)        16 #                        $3.49 per pound

Leg of Lamb (bone-in)                                        12-14 #                   $5.99 per pound

Leg of Lamb (boneless)                                      8 #                         $7.99 per pound

Homemade Smoked Kolbossy                                                             $4.49 per pound


Ribeye Steak (bone-in) for 9.99 per pound

Drumsticks (poultry) for .79 per pound

Pork Chops (bone-in) for 2.49 per pound

Half Semi-Boneless Hams for 10.00 each

Marie Callender Pumpkin Pies for 3.00 each

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