Ribeyes (bone-in) for 8.99 per pound

Country Style Ribs (bone-in) for 1.99 per pound

Ground Chuck for 3.89 per pound

$25 Breakfast Pack

2 dozen extra large eggs

2 packages of precooked sausage links (.750 pkg)

2 packages of our homemade breakfast sausage (1# pkg)

2 packages of slice bacon (1# pkg)

1 # of butter 


Jumbo Cut Wings for 2.89 per pound

Pork Chops (boneless) 2.79 per pound

Chuck Roast for 4.49 per pound

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New Stuff 

We now carry Wing Time Garlic Parmesan Sauce and the award winning Bone Suckin' Sauce! 

We have a blog! Visit us online @ https://lunchatjacobandsons.wordpress.com